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The Art of Mindful Living
Stress & Depression; Body Weight; Relationship Difficuties
We can help!

Just for a moment, lay aside whatever is troubling you. Take a breath and smile. Now take another breath. This time, close your eyes and be aware of your breathing.

There! You’ve just taken your first steps down the path of Mindful Living.

Over the past thirty years Western Medicine has tested and begun to use the tools of Mindfulness to help treat problems like those listed above. You can learn to use the tools and techniques of Mindfulness to transform your suffering because the ability to do so already lies wihin you!

Our coaching team will help you to see and strengthen the positive and nourishing attributes and tendencies within yourself. You have the capacity for joy, for peace, for being compassionate, for helping others, for eating and exercising well, for living Mindfully.

Once you have learned the process nourishing the good traits and habits, you can begin to apply the same techniques to ease your stress or to create better relationships at work and at home.

Contact us today for your free consultation: Let us show you another step or two on the path of living better through Mindfulness. We have used this approach for ourselves and for others around us. We know that it works. Let us help you, your group, or your company get started soon.

Life can be better if we live it in Mindfulness.
Our 2012-2013 program: (US conferences & retreats tab) of note:
- the Self-care for D&A rehab health professional will be offered for the second time in Pittsburgh this Fall;
- Mindful Health-Care Practice: a new pilot 4-week workshop will be offered at the Montreal Institute for Applied Mindfulness